Session 0 Checklist

[D4] lets do a living document on what to talk about in your Session 0!


Existential D&D!

Existentialism shows the depth of commitments your characters take, the nothingness which constitutes them brings depth to their decisions, they are not robots responding to input, they are not one dimensional, their badass nature is something which must be ever revisited, they are fallible. 

Why You Don’t Need a Backstory

You’re used to improvising in all parts of D&D except your backstory, now you must do that as well, learning about your character as you play them and learning their past as you play them.

The Courier

Old God Cultist Postmen? Dark Contracts? Facebook? Take a look at how to transform an overlooked detail in every world!

DM Inspiration: Frankenstein

[D8] Victor wishes to conquer humanity, to become more and to conquer the natural cycle of birth and death, to do so he creates something which had no natural birth and began as death.

Post-Structural Warfare for Bad Guys in D&D (And Yes…Players)

[D8] “They will learn to fear me, this is the last time those so-called heroes meddle in my schemes!”

Is this something you find your big bad evil guy (BBEG) telling himself as he lies sleepless every night? Or perhaps tells himself in the mirror every morning as he angrily brushes his solid gold teeth?  If so then read on, and for you players, do you find yourselves facing yet another IKEA length death maze or City Fortress of Undisputed Evil?

3 Real Pub Cultures To Spice Up Your Tavern

[D6] They go to drink, they go to hear rumors, and they go there for lodgings. What better a place to spice up! Here are three of real life’s best pub cultures for inspiration!

D&D As a Spectator Game

As a spectator game then I think D&D is doing well, there’s clearly a lot of money and time being poured into the game from creative and talented people whose enthusiasm is infectious, despite being a cultural powerhouse in anything fantasy I still don’t see the game gaining the widespread traction that E-sports has managed.

Why You Should Be Using Seasons and Place More As A DM

[D8] Seasons can invoke a lot of senses, as well as offer a glimpse into the area, often being tied to local identities. All of these are great reasons for using season and space to improve your storytelling, so lets pick up a few to weave into your story to make it more authentic.